2by4 Panel

Our “2by4” replacement panel filters let you put the superior quality, performance and technology of Donaldson-made filters into an AAF filter system. Choose either Duratek™ or Synthetic filter media; both have our exclusive Spider-Web® media treatment.


Dimensions: 46.4 x 22.1 x 3.25 inches / 1179 x 561 x 83 mm. Two-inch deep pleats are held in place with hot melt spiral beading inside and outside.
Liners: Galvanized expanded metal, 74% open area.
Endcaps: Galvanized metal
Gasket: Seamless


Wave Panel

The seamless vertical pleat design provides reduced airflow restriction and decreased risk of leakage. In addition, they are moisture drainage enabled. The Wave Panel has high dust holding capacity, resulting in longer life at lower restriction levels than conventional panel filters. Available with Donaldson high efficiency Spider-Web® XP and D-Salt™ media in 12” and 17” deep configurations.



Our mini-pleat panel filter is perfect for gas turbine applications with high velocity air requirements,high moisture environments, and/or high dust situations. Designed to fit gas turbine air filter systems that use standard 24" x 24" mini-pleat filters.


Slim VeePac®

Barrier filters in efficient "V" shape, designed to fit TJD, TMD, and other Donaldson "T" series filter houses.


Media: Cellulose
Shape: vee-shaped long panel
inches: 36.5L x 14H, 6.2W,3.57W
mm: 927L x 356H, 157W, 91W
Rated Airflow: 1000 cfm
Carton weight: 16 lbs.
Pleats are held in place with hot melt beading that prevents media bunching, even in high humidity.
Liners: Galvanized expanded metal


20" Sq Barrier Filter Panel

Standard 20"/508 mm square barrier panel filter is available in two models: high performance and economy.
The P14-6555 high performance unit is the same one we put into first-fit systems for our OEM customers. It contains over 100 sq. ft. of heavy-duty cellulose media, is structurally strong via polymer pleat spacers, and is built for long life and high efficiency at low ∆P.

The economical P53-4557 panel contains almost 50 sq.ft. of fiberglass media, and has metal
spacers for structural stability.


Efficiency: F8 / 90-95% ASHRAE
Shape: square
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 5 inches / 508 x 508 x 127 mm
Rated Airflow: 1300-2000 cfm
Liners: aluminized steel
Carton Weight: 20 lbs



Pre-Filter Panel Frame

The design of this polyurethane panel frame allows for the filter media to be replaced whilst re-using the frame. This can save cost and warehouse space due to stocking only the media.