GDX Gas Turbine Filtration System

The GDX self-cleaning pulse filter system is designed to exceed the expectations of power plant operators worldwide. It offers high filtration efficiency, lower operating differential pressure and extended filter life. The system’s automatic pulse cleaning system ensures that the GDX requires significantly less maintenance than other intake systems – making it the best choice for remote or difficult-to-access locations. Additionally, the pulse-cleaning operation keeps the system pressure drop low, enabling the turbine to run at peak efficiency, maximising power output.

The GDX system includes the following features and benefits:

  • Proprietary Spider-Web® self-cleaning filter media delivers high performance,
    low maintenance and long life.
  • Suitable for power generation, oil & gas and industrial applications.
  • Unique cartridge fixation sealing and locking system.
  • A proprietary downflow airflow design to enhance the pulse-cleaning performance.
  • Robust design makes the GDX well-suited for all environments – including desert, marine, arctic, etc.
  • Electronic low voltage programmable control system. Controller can initiate pulse cleaning based on time of day,  high pressure drop, high humidity, or manually.
  • Modular design optimises shipping, site erection and real estate.
  • Donaldson's global presence means we can manufacture in many different countries, allowing us to meet project  specific requirements.

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TTD Gas Turbine Filtration System

The Donaldson TTD™ system is the original pulse cleaning air filter system for gas turbine and generator ventilation applications operating in a variety of environments. In this system the filter cartridges are mounted vertically. Available with one level of filter elements for airflow up to 79,000 cfm/ 2237 m3/min, or with several filter levels to accommodate larger airflow.

How It Works

The system requires little maintenance because it is self-cleaning: a reverse pulse of air back through the filters knocks off accumulated dirt, dust,larger particulate, and even frost.

Three Airflow Ranges

Systems are sized according to the airflow your turbine needs.  Our expert team at Donaldson Filtration Solutions are available to work with you to configure a system tailored for your site.

High-Efficiency Filters

Filter elements provide high-efficiency barrier filtration against dust, pollen, dirt and other airborne particulate. Independent test results show that Donaldson filter elements have >99% efficiency on sub-micron particles.