Weld Fume Collectors

In welding operations, workers are in a daily contact with harmful weld fume particulate because weld fume is made up of 30 to 80 percent submicron-sized particles. That means that most of these particles are respirable (enter the lungs), which makes it critical to have reliable, high performance fume collectors, weld fume extraction and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it reaches your welder’s breathing zone.

Easy-Trunk Collector

  • For heavier duty or more frequent plant operations.
  • Built-in pulse filter cleaning system.
  • Push buttons conveniently located on front of unit and/or on fume hood.
  • Ultra-Web® nanofiber filters provide high MERV** 13  filtration efficiency per ASHRAE 52.2-2007.
  • “Plug and go” operation.
  • Fits easily through standard doorway.


Weld Bench

  • Eliminates moving extraction arms over the welding zone.
  • Meets ACGIH guidelines for capturing weld fume—150 fpm minimum capture velocity through the breathing zone.
  • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity.
  • Hinged side-wing panels accommodate longer workpieces.
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort.
  • Easy filter maintenance from clean air side makes filter changeout quick and efficient.
  • Standard Ultra-Web FR cartridges, with nanofiber technology, provide higher filtration efficiency and longer filter life.
  • MERV** 13 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007.
  • Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards.
  • Quiet operation.


Weld Fume Extraction Arm

  • Extremely easy to position at the source when extracting dirty air from the workplace and the worker’s breathing zone.
  • Ex-Arms feature a 360° free rotation with smooth, low-friction maneuverability that engages positively when positioned.
  • Standard hood is round with impactor plate and easy-to-grip design.
  • Mounting configurations include bench and overhead.
  • Scratch resistant black baked enamel coating; lightweight and durable arm ducts.
  • Virtually maintenance free. Easily adjusts on outside of arm.
  • Various sizes available.
  • Extraction arms are optional components on many Donaldson® collectors.
  • One year warranty