Dust, Fume and Mist

Recent Installations


PowerCore TG-6

Application: Grinding
Dust type: 
Filter media: Ultra-Web
Airflow/pressure: 6,500 m3/hour


PowerCore Dust Collector CPV 12 & CPV 6

Fibreglass industry in ginding booth application
Features: Ultra-Web Filter Packs, Delta P controller on a Common Housing with clean out door
Application: Grinding Booth
Dust Type: Fibreglass Dust
Filter Media: Ultraweb
Airflow & Total Pressure: 10,000m3/h


PowerCore Dust Collector CPC 24

Cement and adhesive additives industry in mixing and weighing application.
Features: Separate 18.5 kW fan, Ultraweb filters, Delta P controller, turnkey project
Application: Mixing & weigh stations
Dust Type: Titanium Dioxide, Talcum/clay, Omya, Chloride, Cab-O-Sil (silica based)
Filter Media: Ultraweb
Airflow & Total Pressure: 13,000 m3/h @ 4.0 KPa


PowerCore Dust Collector CPV 3

Grain Industry in Conveyor Transfer Application
Features: Ultraweb Antistatic Filter Packs – DIP Timer (ST10) and Electrics,  Anti Spark Construction DIP rated 2.2kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan.
Application: Conveyor Transfer
Dust Type: Grain Dust
Filter Media: Ultraweb Antistatic
Airflow & Total Pressure: 2,500m3/h @ Pa 1500


Unimaster Bag Collector - UMA253

Equipment hire industry in cleaning application.
Features: 5.5 kW fan motor, accoustic diffuser, integral hopper and support structure,
1 x 80L bin with sealer gear, polyester filter bags, standard stop/start controller (DOL), shaker cleaning system and bin balance and the added optional feature of a HEPA after-filter.
Application: Cleaning booth for concrete equipment
Dust Type: Concrete/cement dust
Filter Media: Polyester filter bags
Airflow: 2,100 m3/h