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P-EG Housing

High-quality Stainless Steel Housings in Industrial Quality
Together with the (P)-GS VE and the (P)-GSL N filter elements, the Donaldson P-EG filter housings are used in a variety of steam filtration applications. Equipped with a variety of connections, the P-EG housings are designed for low differential pressures and high flow rates.

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PG-EG Housing

High Quality Stainless Steel Housings in Sanitary Quality
PG-EG stainless steel housings are used for steam filtration at the highest hygienic requirements. In combination with the various Donaldson filter elements, they offer the optimal solution for each application. Donaldson PG-EG sanitary filter housings (single, clamp connection) are 3-A certified as standard and can be equipped with a variety of connections and are available in 12 different sizes. In addition, the entire series is designed for a low differential pressure and for a high throughput.

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