Compressed Air Filtration Products

Solutions back by experience, know-how and responsibility

Our passion is to add value to our customers by providing future-oriented compressed air and process filters and systems that are optimised from standpoints of energy consumption, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We are certain that our state of the art facilities, coupled with our extensive technical experience and engineering expertise, will guarantee excellence in the solutions we deliver.




Filter Housings

With over 30 years of expertise in compressed air filtration and separation, Donaldson Ultrafilter delivers the most efficient and cost-effective filtration housings engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance.

  • Ultrafilter DF
  • Ultrafilter DF-T three in one
  • High Pressure HD
  • AG & SG
  • Vacuum VAK/ Medical Vacuum MVAK

Compressed Air Filter Elements

Donaldson provides particulate, coalescing and carbon elements for compressed air and natural gas applications. We engineer and manufacture elements for Donaldson filter housings and aftermarket filter elements to suit many other filter housing brands. Donaldson's compressed air filter elements feature:

  • Lower differential pressure
  • Longer filter life
  • Quick and easy change-outs
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Excellent filtration efficiency

Refrigeration & Membrane Dryers

Donaldson Ultrafilter manufacturer a complete line of refrigerated and membrane compressed air dryers to meet your specific air quality requirements. Energy efficient operation, reliable performance and compact design are key features of our dryers.

  • Buran DC
  • Boreas DV AP/WP "Variopulse"
  • SH Custom Built Refrigeration Dryer
  • Bora DHP
  • Membrane Dryer VarioDry FRL





Adsorption Dryers

As an integral part of of various compressed air applications, Donaldson's adsorption dryers are designed to consistently provide quality air with high energy efficiency. Compact, modular designs ensure a small footprint. The inclusion of preinstalled filters with some of our dryers provide convenience and turnkey installations will keep costs at a minimum.

  • Heatless High Efficiency Adsorption Dryers
    • Ultrapac 2000
    • Ultrapac HED/ALD/MSD "Classic"
    • Oilfreepac OFP
    • High Pressure HLP
    • Activated Carbon Adsorber AKC
  • Heat Regenerated High Efficiency Adsorption Dryers
    • HRS-L "Zero-Loss"
    • HRE
    • HRI CO2

Cyclone Separators

Donaldson Cyclone Separators deliver high separation efficiency at low pressure drop through an optimal flow-path design. The innovative design creates centrifugal action that forces liquid and particulate to the housing wall.

  • DF-C Cyclone Separator
  • AG-Z & SG-Z Cyclone Separators

Condensate Management

Donaldson Ultrafilter offers reliable products for economically and responsibly draining and purifying condensate. Donaldson offers two forms of condensate management: our electronically controlled Condensate Drain Valve and Oil/Water Separator.

  • UFM-D Electronic Zero-Loss Drains
  • Ultrasep Oil-Water Separators




ALG-20 Breathing Air System

  • Compact, portable design in a protective case
  • Can provide up to four persons with breathing air
  • Two or three stage filtration options
  • Nominal flow rate of 60 m3/h (90 m3/h max)
  • Meets requirements for air quality class 1 (particles and oil) according to ISO 8573:2001

Medipac Breathing Air System

The Medipac 2000 breathing air systems are purification units based on the Ultrapac 2000 adsorption dryers to supply breathing air in excess of all relevant international standards and medical prescriptions. A turnkey system, these solutions include an adsorption dryer, CO, CO2, NOX and SO2 removal, pre and after filter and condensate drain.

Accessories, Spare Parts & Services

Donaldson offers a range of aftercoolers, demisters, measurement equipment and spare parts for your compressed air equipment. We can also assist with replacement and aftermarket filter elements.