4WD Filtration

Quality, reliable filtration is an essential component of maintaining sophisticated, modern diesel engines.

Whereas most 4WD filter brands have been developed by automotive filter specialists, Donaldson is an industy leader in heavy-duty filtration for off-road diesel engines. Durable, rugged and built to last, Donaldson replacement filters are manufactured to the same quality standards as the original and provide premium quality, durability and the highest level of protection for your 4WD.

More information is available at www.donaldson4WD.com.au

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4WD Filter Kits

In addition to our large range of individual fuel, lube and air filters for 4WD applications, Donaldson also offers 4WD Filter Kits. 4WD Filter Kits contain the necessary air, oil and fuel filters for a full service in one handy kit. More than 20 different kits are available to suit popular makes of 4WDs.

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Released in February 2016, Donaldson's 4WD Fuel and Oil Twin Pack contains two sets of oil and fuel filters to perform two liquid filter services. Use one set now and keep the second set protected in the box, ready for your next service.

With Donaldson's 4WD Filter Kits and Fuel and Oil Twin Packs, your engine will operate with better protection between filter replacements and save you on costly downtime and repairs. Effective and efficient filtration is the best preventative maintenance for 4WD's.




Contaminated fuel can lead to vehicle downtime and costly repairs, especially to expensive common rail systems and components. Modern engines are increasingly requiring better fuel filtration technology to ensure delivery of the cleanest fuel to your vehicle's fuel system.

Our range of Diesel Fuel Filter kits provide additional protection for your vehicle, providing cleaner fuel, keeping you up and running and out of the workshop.

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