PowerCore CPV-4

A bin vent collector designed for use in material-handling applications - even in tight spaces - including silos conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders, and mixers.

PowerCore TG4

Designed for thermally generated metalworking applications like welding, laser and plasma cutting, and thermal spray.



Downflo Oval 2-4

DFO is a one-of-a-kind series of cartridge dust collector with oval-shaped filter technology, proprietary filter media and pulse cleaning that provides up to 25% more airflow capacity than same-sized round cartridge collectors.

Easy Trunk™

Offering compact, portable filtration of smoke, dust and fumes that result from welding and grinding application, Easy-Trunk provides built-in manual pulse filter cleaning.



Comprehensive offering for a variety of equipment brands

Using Donaldson Torit cartridge, bag and panel filters can significantly improve the performance of dust, fume and mist collectors. Uniquely engineered for longer filter life and higher filtration efficiency, Donaldson Torit cartridge and bag filters are the most cost-effective choice for any collector and any application.


Rely on Donaldson Torit for the most comprehensive selection of filters, for all popular brands of collectors. With hundreds of varieties to choose from, Donaldson Torit is the best, most reliable source for high performance cartridge and bag filters.