Process Filtration - Sterile Air, Gas & Liquids

Donaldson Process Filtration has been providing quality filtration products to process industries around the world since 1972. During that time, and continuing today, we have enhanced our offering with an ever-broadening product portfolio covering sterile air, liquid and steam filtration needs. Where quality requirements are exceptionally high, Donaldson has a selection of process filters which will enable you to reach maximum purity standards.

Donaldson's innovative designs focus on energy-efficient operation and reliable performance to minimize operating expenses and reduce downtime. Donaldson provides industrial air, sterile air, culinary steam, tank venting and process liquid filtration products from pre- to final-filtration, and from low to high capacity.

Certifications.jpgReliable Product Quality

All filter elements are produced, packaged and shipped under strict controls in an exact manner and meet the quality and performance data that are stored in the product specification.